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Speaker Abstract

Bioenergy: From Fields to Wheels

Steve Gray
Vice President, Global Technology GE Transportation Systems

The transportation industry is undergoing some remarkable changes. Global trade with India, China, and the rest of the developing world has substantially increased goods transport and growth. Fuel consumption, once the primary economic driver, is now paired with emissions and fuel flexibility as key customer requirements. Projects to develop and produce alternate fuels, while getting most of the attention and support, are only half the challenge. Providing engines capable of reliably and efficiently burning the alternate fuels is the second half of the challenge. GE seeks to take a leadership role in developing engines compatible with alternate fuels without performance compromises. GE's $40 billion dollar Infrastructure business is heavily dependent on engines to power everything from turbines for aircraft and stationary power generators, to diesel and gas engines for rail, marine, and stationary applications. GE is seeing increased interest from its customer base to evaluate the effects of alternate fuels on both existing and new engine families. This presentation will give an overview of some of the investments GE is making to evaluate alternate fuel options from Biodiesel, to pure Palm Oil and explore the challenges of ensuring that both installed and new production engines are compatible with alternate fuels. The discussion will provide an overview of a typical program to optimize and qualify an engine family to burn alternate fuels including optimization and validation of emissions, fuel consumption, power rating, and long-term reliability/durability.