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Poster Abstract

Nanoscale Assembly of Renewable Cellulosic Material

Barun Shankar Gupta, Nicole R. Brown, Jeffrey M. Catchmark
Ph.D. Candidate, School of Forest Resources
The Pennsylvania State University

Nanoscale assembly to improve viscoelastic properties of cellulose-reinforced composites can tailor effective use of cellulose for industrial applications. It is hypothesized that the surface charge, microfluidics and aspect ratio affect the distribution and orientation of the cellulose fiber. The objective of this research is to review the in vitro assembly of cellulose by application of an electric field. The electrically aligned nano-cellulosic composites will be characterized for the chemical, morphological and visco-elastic properties. Cellulose producing bacterium, Acetobacter xylinum, is cultivated in a glucose medium to produce cellulose. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) is used to measure the visco-elastic response.