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Poster Abstract

Multi-Energy Optimization for Energy Sustainability - The Use of Microwaves and Ultrasound for Biodiesel Production

Matthew M. Kropf and B.R. Tittmann
Ph.D. Candidate, Engineering Science and Mechanics
The Pennsylvania State University

As alternative fuels gain prevalence in world markets, industry practices will dictate their environmental and economic sustainability. The successful replacement millions of barrels of crude oil daily with a renewable fuel necessitates the apropos application of green chemistry. To this end, practitioners of enabling technologies must work to advance traditional green techniques beyond laboratory curiosities.

Ultrasonic cavitation and microwave irradiation are two such techniques currently proposed as solutions for common Biodiesel industry challenges. The presented work introduces a unique combined approach leveraging advanced concepts in microwave processing, high intensity ultrasonics, and reaction chemistry towards a robust and sustainable process solution.