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Poster Abstract

Novel Sorbent and Process for Removing CO2 and H2S from Biogas, Landfill Gas and Other Fuel Gas from Biomass

Xiaoliang Ma, Xiaoxing Wang, and Chunshan Song
The Energy Institute, The Pennsylvania State University

A novel sorbent and an innovative process for removing CO2 and H2S from biogas and landfill gas have been developed with high capacity, selectivity and working at 20-100 ˚C and atmosphere pressure. The regeneration of the spent sorbents can be carried out easily at 75-100˚C by using a purge gas or a vacuum system. The H2S and CO2 removed from the gases can be recovered, respectively. The developed sorbent and process allow the cleaning up of biogas and landfill gas to be conducted more energy efficiently, economically and environmentally friendly.