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Poster Abstract

Greening Green Energy: Using Carbon Credits as Incentives to Reduce GHG Emissions

Scott Subler
President, Environmental Credit Corporation

Carbon credits are a new financial commodity representing certified reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon credits form the basic currency of “cap-and-trade” systems for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and can be created from agricultural, waste management and renewable energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One such example is the recent agreement between Environmental Credit Corp. and Corn Plus, one of the largest ethanol plants in the state of Minnesota, through which Corn Plus will reduce its greenhouse gas emission to 30 percent below its plant emission baseline. Environmental Credit Corp. worked with Corn Plus to establish the entity’s baseline emissions, and prepared the Project Design Documents and registration package for the carbon credits that will result from this project during the period 2003-2013. These credits will be traded through the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).