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Poster Abstract

Biomotor Patterning and Nanoengineered Cellulosic Material

Vivek Verma¹, William O. Hancock², Nicole R. Brown³, and Jeffrey M. Catchmark ¹,³,4

¹Engineering Science and Mechanics
²Bioengineering Department
³School of Forest Resources
4 Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Paper making is a cellulose extensive industry that mostly relies on trees. Cellulose gives strength and improves paper quality. Cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees can be prevented if cellulose is aligned, while paper production, instead incorporated in random directions. We are using mitrotubules and associated protein, kinesin that plays important role in intracellular transport and during cell division to align cellulose at microscale. We present kinesin and microtubules patterning using electron beam lithography. We also present cellulose nanowhisker production and studies that were performed to improve the material properties using these systems.