Crossover 2007 masthead graphic


Penn State hosts an annual event called Crossover to bring together faculty in the life sciences
and the physical sciences along with key stakeholders from industry and government in an effort to strengthen this important research bridge. The Fall 2007 event will showcase bioenergy research, including all the steps in the process chain from photosynthesis to energy utilization, a concept we call “Fields to Wheels.” The event will be held September 4-5, 2007 in the HUB-Robeson Center on the Pennsylvania State University's University Park Campus.

Crossover 2007 will highlight Penn State research activity through a series of research track presentations, live demonstrations, and an interactive poster session. In addition to these events a series of keynote addresses and panel discussions will be included, featuring collaborations with industry, other universities, and government agencies.

CrossOver 2007 Focus Topics

The need for integrated research is particularly important in the bioenergy field, where there are a near infinite variety of diverse feedstocks and process combinations, and many system feedback opportunities to increase efficiency and enhance product value. To advance that integration Penn State is developing the Fields to Wheels Bioenergy Testbed, a flexible and adaptable system for research and technology transfer. Components of the testbed include:

Wrapped around these technologies are the social, economic, and ethical frameworks needed for bioenergy programs to achieve its potential, including planning, business, and legal concerns. Penn State is fortunate to have active faculty in all these areas, many of whom are deeply engaged in relevant interdisciplinary research.