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Research Track Presenter Title of Poster
General Tom Richard "Penn State's Fields to Wheels"
General Bernard Linn USDA Rural Development Renewable Energy Programs
General 25x25 Staff 25 x 25: America’s Energy Future
General Deborah Topper, Patrick Topper, Robert Graves WWW.BIOGAS.PSU.EDU: A Biogas Outreach Education Tool
Advanced Power Generation Harry R. Allcock and Shih-To Fei

Phosphazene Fuel Cell Membranes for Bio-Alcohol Systems: Energy Generation from Renewable Sources

Advanced Power Generation Sarma V. Pisupati Biomass-Based Materials for Simultaneous NOX and SO2 Reduction from Coal Combustor
Biocatalysis Qin Chen, Tom Richard, and Megan Marshall

The effect of harvest date and enzyme addition on corn stover silage for bioconversion into ethanol


Megan Marshall, Farzaneh Rezaei, Tom Richard

The effect of enzyme addition and experimental scale on switchgrass silage for bioconversion to ethanol

Biocatalysis Shuang-Yan Tang, Hossein Fazelinia, Patrick C. Cirino Engineering AraC Effector Specificity through Modeling and FACS Screening
Biocatalysis Mary Ann Bruns, Jerzy Dec, Ephraim Govere, Pat Topper, and Eileen Wheeler Odor abatement of swine manure by microbial biofilms on limestone gravel: coupling iron respiration to mineralization of volatile organics
Biocatalysis Hossein Fazelinia, Patrick C. Cirino, Costas D. Maranas Introducing a systematic computational approach to graft a novel binding site into a protein with a known scaffold
Biocatalysis N. Johnson, G. Lynch, G. Tobin, L. Weiss, M. Marshall, P. Cirino, D. Farber, T. Richard, P. Weiss Glucose Independent Xylose Metabolization in Escherichia coli
Biocatalysis Tom Richard
Ensilage: A Biological Platform for Biomass Pretreatment
Biodiesel Dheeban Kannan A Solid Catalyst Process for the Production of Biodiesel
Biodiesel Glen Cauffman and Paul Trella Fill her up: Testing 100% biodiesel in Agricultural Tractors
Biodiesel Matthew M. Kropf and B.R. Tittmann Multi-Energy Optimization for Energy Sustainability - The Use of Microwaves and Ultrasound for Biodiesel Production
Biodiesel Aron Yoder Bioenergy Experiences of Students Taking ASM 320 – Combustion Engines for Mobile Equipment

Sylvain Didier Kouame, Joe Perez, and Semih Eser

Biodiesel from Toxic Seeds of a Shrub - Jatropha Curcas
Biodiesel Joseph M. Perez and the Biodiesel Team Penn State Biodiesel Team 2007-2008
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Shaoan Cheng, Douglas Call, and Bruce E. Logan High Efficient H2 Production from Biomass through BEAMR Process
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Yi Zuo, PinChing Maness and Bruce E. Logan Electricity Production From Corn Stover Biomass in Microbial Fuel Cells
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen

Yi Zuo, Shaoan Cheng, Doug Call, and Bruce E. Logan

Tubular membrane cathodes for scalable power generation in microbial fuel cells (MFCs)

Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Farzaneh Rezaei, Tom Richard, and Bruce Logan Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose coupled with electricity generation in a microbial fuel cell
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Yonghua Luo and Mary Ann Bruns The effect of L-cysteine on composition of biohydrogen-producing bacterial communities in batch cultures
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Zhiyong Ren, Thomas E. Ward, and John M. Regan Direct cellulose-derived electricity production in microbial fuel cells
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Mary Ann Bruns, Bruce Logan, Sang-Eun Oh, and Prabha Iyer Microbial fuel cells generate electricity from swine wastewater
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Yu Xu and Donald Bryant Transcriptional Regulation of Bidirectional [NiFe]-Hydrogenase in the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002
Bioelectricity and Biohydrogen Yanming Gong Hydrogen From Biomass For Urban Transportation
Fermentations and Bioreactors Burcu Unal Colonization of Highly Swelling Hydrogels by Rhizobia
Fermentations and Bioreactors Beatrice Sirakaya and Ali Demirci Industrial Grade Evaluation for Ethanol Fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Fermentations and Bioreactors Jian-Zhong Sun

Bioconversion Secrets: How Wood-feeding Termites Do Their Things in Harnessing Lignocellulose and its Potential and Practical Values in Biofuels Industries

Fermentations and Bioreactors Hala Chaoui and Tom Richard Effect of mixing frequency on biogas yield in biodigesters
Fermentations and Bioreactors Sokhee Jung and John M. Regan Comparison of anode bacterial communities and performance in microbial fuel cells with different electron donors
Fermentations and Bioreactors Patrick Topper, Deborah Topper, Robert Graves and Tom Richard Case Studies of Five Pennsylvania Anaerobic Digester Systems on Livestock Farms
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials Barun Shankar Gupta, Nicole R. Brown, Jeffrey M. Catchmark Nanoscale Assembly of Renewable Cellulosic Material
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials Paul R. Adler, Matt A. Sanderson, and Sarah C. Goslee Biodiversity, productivity, and management of grasslands in northeastern USA for bioenergy on marginal cropland
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials Vivek Verma, William O. Hancock, Nicole R. Brown, and Jeffrey M. Catchmark Biomotor Patterning and Nanoengineered Cellulosic Material
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials

Ming Tien, Haiying Liang, Nicole Brown, and John Carlson
A novel approach to facilitate accessibility of cellulose and hemicellulose by introducing a tyrosine rich peptide gene in poplar cell wall
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials

Paul R. Adler, Curtis J. Dell, Tamie L. Veith, Steven J. Del Grosso, and William J. Parton

Modeling nitrous oxide emissions from bioenergy cropping systems using DAYCENT
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials Chris Frost, Teo Best, Scott DiLoreto, Ali Barakat, and John E. Carlson The molecular basis of reduced biomass accumulation in hybrid poplar in response to herbivory and air pollution
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials Yufan Zeng Determing Formaldehde Emissions from Wood
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials Scott Geib, John Carlson, Maria del Mar Jimenez-Gasco, Ming Tien, Kelli Hoover The gut microbial community of the Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis)
Plant Feedstocks/Products/Materials Greg Roth Potential of Old and New Pennsylvania Field Crops for Biofuels
Socioeconomic and Policy Implications Evelyn Thomchick, Kusumal Ruamsook, Christopher Liller, and Susan Purdum Ethanol Blended Gasoline and Pennsylvania: A Supply Chain Overview
Socioeconomic and Policy Implications Alissa Meyer, Clare Hinrichs, and Tom Richard Fuelish Dreams? Producing Sustainable Energy Feedstock
Socioeconomic and Policy Implications

Elizabeth Leuer, Jeffrey Hyde and Tom Richard

Investing in Methane Digesters on Pennsylvania Dairy Farms: An Initial Assessment
Thermal and Chemical Conversions The Energy Institute Biomass Gasification as a Means of Waste Disposal and Energy Production in the Beef Industry
Thermal and Chemical Conversions The Energy Institute Biomass Gasification (General Overview)
Thermal and Chemical Conversions The Energy Institute Biomass Gasification Research - Wood Gasification
Thermal and Chemical Conversions The Energy Institute

Biofuels Emissions Testing at the Energy Institute

Thermal and Chemical Conversions Xiaoliang Ma, Xiaoxing Wang, and Chunshan Song Novel Sorbent and Process for Removing CO2 and H2S from Biogas, Landfill Gas and Other Fuel Gas from Biomass

Poster Abstract Submission:

Poster abstract submissions should be e-mailed to Patricia Craig at Abstracts should be limited to 100 words or less and will be posted on the CrossOver Web site and listed in the abstract book. When submitting a poster abstract, please include your:

Remaining poster slots will be awarded on a first come basis. Please submit your poster title and abstract as soon as possible.

Poster Printing:

The deadline for submitting posters to be printed is Friday, August 24, 2007.

The Materials Research Institute will be printing the posters for CrossOver 2007 if submitted by the deadline. After e-mailing your poster abstract, you will need to submit your electronic poster to MRI using their electronic dropbox. The Web address for the MRI dropbox for CrossOver 2007 is:

If you do not meet the August 24 deadline, please contact Paul Kletchka at or 863-1695 to determine if MRI will still be able to do the printing. Complimentary poster printing will only be offered until August 24. After this date, your department will be responsible for the printing costs.

Poster Format:

We will not use a poster template for this year’s event. Poster size is 46"x 36" and the preferred format is a .PDF file. MRI can also take .PPT, .PSD, .JPG, and .TIF files. If you are worried about font translation, be sure to submit a PDF file with the fonts embedded.

Poster Displaying:

If your poster is being printed by MRI, the event staff will take care of hanging your poster for you. During the event, researchers (or designate) will need to be by their posters from 5 p.m. to 6:20 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 4 for the evening reception which will be held at the 3rd and 4th Floor Bridge of the Life Sciences Building and from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on Wed., Sept. 5 at the Alumni Hall, HUB-Robeson Center.