Welcome to the Biomass Energy Center

The mission of the Biomass Energy Center is to coordinate and facilitate research and outreach across the university, building teams to address the complete value chain of biomass energy systems.

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Highlights and Announcements

  • Penn State Center for Biorenewables Launches

    The Biomass Energy Center at Penn State is relaunching as the "Center for Biorenewables", with an expanded mission to "build a greener future through innovation and education relating to biorenewable food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, materials and energy". This transition is planned for 2020, and will include a new and updated website, as well as new events and activities related to research and education on bioenergy and biorenewables.

  • Penn State Chosen to Lead $10 Million NEWBio Regional Bioenergy Project

    The USDA AFRI program recently announced its selection of Penn State to lead a five year, $10 million bioenergy project. Called "NEWBio", the combined research, education, and extension project is designed to help create a northeast biofuel supply chain based on non-food cellulosic crops to learn more, visit http://www.newbio.psu.edu.

  • Biofuels research and teaching facility dedicated at Harrisburg campus

    Penn State Harrisburg has opened its new $1.6 million biofuels research and teaching laboratory and greenhouse. Dedicated during a recent ceremony, the facility serves a center for the study of second- and third-generation biofuels, with the goal of bringing environmentally friendly energy alternatives to the marketplace.

  • Tree geneticist John Carlson receives $3.7 million grant for hardwoods research
    A plant geneticist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has received a $3.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop genomics resources to address forest-health issues affecting hardwood trees. Carlson, professor of molecular genetics in the college's School of Forest Resources, is principal investigator on the project, "Comparative Genomics of Environmental Stress Responses in North American Hardwoods," funded by the NSF Plant Genome Research Program.
  • Amerigreen Blog: Penn State Bioenergy in Practice
    Penn State University’s “Fields to Fuels” bioenergy crops display is a field-scale demonstration of several new and proven bioenergy crops for Pennsylvania. These crops are not merely display samples; “they are being grown at field scale to test their productivity and growth characteristics for use by Penn State and others.” The site is available for tours.
  • Biomass Fact Sheets Available
  • Beyond Biodiesel - Running on Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO)

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